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Meet our Rescued Residents

Belle Ame hit by a truck on purpose and left on the road to die.


Billy the Kid surrendered because he wasn’t all black


Dill and BooBear. Born here their mom was an abuse case that we took in at full-term pregnancy

Dill & BooBear

Frick & Frack thrown over our fence in Oregon

Frick & Frack

Jack Spratt at a sanctuary that was going to euthanize him because he was too fat and hated his life, their words, not ours.


Lucifer a 4H project gone bad needed an emergency amputation


Mars and Venus born here part of the feral group caught in Oregon

Mars and Venus

Pearl born with half legs on both her front


Truth thrown into a pile at birth at a large farm because she was sick


Valhalla and her daughter Rya, feral goats in the wild in Oregon they were released in fires lives in their own for 2 yrs before we were able to capture them


Willy Wonka his human mother died


Zeppelin is an extra sweet boy and loves cookies. He was rescued from a dead pile.


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