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Meet our Rescued Residents

Belle Ame was hit by a truck on purpose and left on the road to die.


Billy the Kid was surrendered because he wasn’t all black.


Cinnamon is a big boy who is the kindest, most gentle soul. His bark is worse than his bite.


Dill and BooBear were born here; their mom was an abuse case that we took in at full-term pregnancy.

Dill & BooBear

Frick & Frack were thrown over our fence in Oregon.

Frick & Frack

Jack Spratt was at a sanctuary that was going to euthanize him because he was too fat and "hated his life" - their words, not ours. He is now enjoying his retirement from being a stud.


Lucifer was a 4H project gone bad and needed an emergency amputation.


Mars and Venus were born here from part of the feral group caught in Oregon.

Mars & Venus

Nutmeg's a sweet soul whose best friend is Cinnamon.


Pearl was born with half legs on both her front legs.


Truth was thrown into a pile at birth at a large farm because she was sick.


Valhalla and her daughter Rya were let loose in the Oregon fires and lived on their own for 2 years before we were able to capture them.

Valhalla & Rya

Willy Wonka his human mother died


Zeppelin is an extra sweet boy and loves cookies. He was rescued from a dead pile.


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